lenten journal: performative



it seems like a cute reflex
when a kid realizes they
are on the stadium screen
and they start to dance

without the camera they
would have stayed caught
up in their cracker jacks
or dreams of a foul ball

but tell me there’s a chance
my tweet could go viral
and the dance turns to
damage, derision, and fame

what makes us think every
thing requires a response
just because the camera
is always on watching

this is not a luddite’s lament
but a reminder to myself
that the camera hopes we
will try to be more interesting

than we are in real life and
that rarely works out well
the old song says dance like
there’s nobody watching

look, it’s not about being
remembered or retweeted
quoted or even cancelled
but you already knew that

enjoy your cracker jacks wait
for the person who never
knows they’re on camera
no wait–be that person


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