lenten journal: evening prayer


evening prayer

the world is quiet in our town
the moon shines through clouds
as if God is under the covers
reading with a flashlight

I can hear no bombs
or see any tracer rockets
no buildings are burning
no one has to hide to be safe

I have done nothing to earn
this quiet peaceful night
that I am here and not there
is an accident of lineage

perhaps of privilege
is a better way to say it
so I pray for the Ukrainians
as if it makes a difference

but the longer this goes on
I feel my prayers expand
to wish our leaders had
Zelenskyy’s courage

I don’t have much hope
that prayer will be answered
then I feel my anger rise to
say I wish Putin would die

I would rather him die
than those who were doing
nothing more than living
when the bombs hit

the world is quiet in our town
and I am sad and angry and
bitter and disappointed
in our leaders, our country

we need to do more than
wait till things are over so
we can build a memorial
that God can read in the dark



  1. Milton, I sent this to my smart. wise, insightful sister and she replied: This poem is brilliant.
    Milton is so honest. He is earthy. He paints with words. He eloquently shares his pain and shines a light onto the wholy human dark emotions that we like to hide or deny such as confusion, sadness, rage, desperation, hopelessness, grief, and aloneness.

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