painting the town red sox


    Here are the pictures of the Red Sox celebration in Boston today. I only had my camera phone, so the quality isn’t great and I didn’t get some shots, but here is our day in images (and a few words).

    We rode in on the train, along with every high school kid skipping school . . .

    our two favorite brands: Red Sox and Dunkin Donuts . . .

    this woman, in her mid-sixties, did what she could to see the parade . . .

    if you own the team, you get to ride in the front car . . .

    some of our favorite pitchers . . .

    they even let Gagne ride along . . .

    Pedroia and Youuuuuuuuk . . .

    Papelbon and the Dropkick Murphys . . .

    Ginger and I celebrating our champions.




    1. Congrats to the best team in baseball…period. I know you guys will miss Boston (it is a great town), but just become one of the growing league of Sox fans living all over the world…hey, I’m a Louisiana boy living in Austin who cheers for the Indians…go figure.

      Soak it all up my friend…Yikes, I better quit before I break into a “Memories” duet with Streisand…


    2. Thanks for the peek into your community. (Still your community for a short time, right?) I’ll try to remember to do the same thing when the Spurs win the championship agains this year.

      A few years ago I was at the Alamodome watching the Spurs win a playoff game. (They have since gotten their own arena. TDhe Alamodome was a converted football space) After the game we all spilled out of the stadium onto the streets and I noticed something wonderful. Men in lawyer-looking suits were high-fiving vatos wearing bandanas and looking very south-side. For a few moments at least, we were all in this together.

    3. Please do not transport that AL propaganda here, the DH dooms the AL and therefore the Sox in the mind of a “true” baseball fan;-)

      The bats of the Sox are amazing, there are very few pitchers AL or NL who could slow them down for more than a game or two.



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