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    sky blue

    by  • September 25, 2012 • Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    There is not a cloud in the sky on this fall morning in Durham. Here’s where the sky took me. sky blue  oh, they tell me of a home far beyond the skies . . .oh, they tell me of an unclouded day on this unclouded day the skyis the color of heartachesame as...

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    what it’s like to take a morning walk in a city where you don’t know anyone

    by  • July 11, 2011 • Uncategorized • 2 Comments

    for the beauty of the parkto not-so-wild geesecongregating in the grassthe walkers and joggers intent on not making eye contactflanked by smiling dogsthe cool summer airof this mile-high morningmakes my grateful hymn of praise for sidewalksthat know my namefor eyes that smile back andthe love which from our birthremembers we are allwalking home Peace,Milton

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    moving target

    by  • June 29, 2010 • Uncategorized • 4 Comments

    By the time I got to worship yesterday morning, I had already run a couple of errands, made sure the DVR was recording the World Cup match, made plans to spend part of the afternoon at the Food Truck Fiesta at the Durham Farmers’ Market Pavilion, and sketched out a bit of a plan...

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    lenten journal: true colors

    by  • March 12, 2010 • Uncategorized • 2 Comments

    The whole scene arrived in the middle of a week when the story of the Prodigal Son is the lectionary passage, about as gift wrapped as a sermon illustration could be. Nomar Garciaparra, longtime and well-loved shortstop for the Boston Red Sox who was traded away, came home day before last, to retire. Though...

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    lenten journal: worship guide

    by  • March 1, 2010 • Uncategorized • 2 Comments

    there’s a liturgy to our lifethat begins with breakfastcereal, coffee, cinnamon toast some days the invocationis offered by public radioand others we speak ourselves we exchange the readingof our calendars, listing ourobligations and appointments and talk of when we willcome home to one anotheranswering the altar call to return and to rememberour hope is...

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    music for martin

    by  • January 17, 2010 • Uncategorized • 1 Comment

    As we prepare to observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, many of us will also take time to make it a part of our worship services as well. I thought I might offer a soundtrack for the weekend, starting with “When the Ship Comes In” by Bob Dylan, which he sang at...

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    dinner music

    by  • January 7, 2010 • Uncategorized • 2 Comments

    I was reading Donald Miller’s blog – Part 2 of a great duo of posts on “Living a Memorable Life,” this one on making memorable scenes – and I was particularly struck by his discussion of the power of a detail: change a the power of a scene by changing the setting. Sometimes a...

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    making pies

    by  • November 26, 2009 • Uncategorized • 2 Comments

    For the first time in a couple of years, I didn’t have to work the day before Thanksgiving, which meant I got to return to one of my favorite personal traditions: Pie-a-palooza. For reasons I cannot completely explain, this particular holiday compels me to bake pies. Some are for our own enjoyment, and we...

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    roots music

    by  • November 20, 2009 • Uncategorized • 2 Comments

    A couple of weeks ago, I took a Friday morning to do an exercise from Julia Cameron’s The Right to Write, which was to construct a time line of my life. I left the house thinking I would be gone a couple of hours. Almost three hours later, I came home with one section...

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    on nights like this

    by  • August 23, 2009 • Uncategorized • 2 Comments

    I wish there were some wayto cut a small slit in the walland let the air, trapped sincefirst construction, spill intothe room and tell its stories. I wonder who walked thesefloors in those first days,when the pin oak at the curbwas smaller than the houseand the street not so shaded. I welcome those ghosts,the...

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