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    il cuoco della villa

    by  • September 23, 2012 • Uncategorized • 4 Comments

    Several years ago, NPR ran a story in which they asked several award winning photographers to describe the best photograph they never took: a moment when they saw the picture and didn’t raise the camera. Then they asked them to tell why they chose to simply hold the image in their respective memories. Most...

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    lenten journal: reflection

    by  • March 18, 2012 • Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    there are days I lay awakeat night and wonder even worry about what’s to comebecause the future feels like a past due account and I have already spent my timethinking about tomorrowputting the tense in present there are nights like thiswhen I fall asleep holding on to the day like the last bite of...

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    lenten journal: chapter

    by  • March 4, 2012 • Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    saturday night at ben and jerry’sthey were the only ones in the placebeside the two behind the counterthey could be identified bythe flavors they had ordered:peanut and banana greek yogurtnew york super fudge chunkchocolate with sprinklesjimmy fallon’s late night snackbut that doesn’t tell the whole storythere’s also the flavor of painone lost her husband...

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    advent journal: penultimate

    by  • December 21, 2011 • Uncategorized • 1 Comment

    penultimate on this tuesday nightwe sat around the tableas though we hadall the night we wantedto eat and drink and laugh and talk and hopewe even had time for pie tomorrow night our prodigal planetwill wander as faras it ever does fromthe light of the sunand then start back what a gift that we...

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    advent journal: good to grow

    by  • December 7, 2011 • Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    Sunday night I went over to the Pinhook, one of local bars, for the Fifth Birthday Celebration for Bountiful Backyards, our friends who helped create our little urban foodscape at our house. They do awesome work and I was happy to go and celebrate with them. The other reason for the evening is they...

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    lenten journal: confession

    by  • April 16, 2011 • Uncategorized • 2 Comments

    perhaps this could be seenas meeting the minimumrequirement of my promise . . . I far exceeded, however,my quota for laughter,baseball, and my spirit soared like a fly ballin the thin night air . . .forgive me if I am a man of few words Peace,Milton

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    dinner time

    by  • January 8, 2011 • Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    After another wonderful Friday Night Dinner, I offer these words of hope and thanks. dinner time at the end of the daywhen the day’s had its wayand we sit at the table togetherthere is something profoundin being gathered aroundto give thanks for both table and tether bring your joy and your painand let’s gather...

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    advent journal: wishing for a sing-a-long

    by  • December 16, 2010 • Uncategorized • 4 Comments

    I’ve been staring at the screen for a couple of hours now. I had a couple of ideas I was chasing, but my mind kept coming back to the sadness that has marked my day because it was one year ago today that I got the call that my dear friend, David Gentiles, had...

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    advent journal: you say it’s my birthday

    by  • December 13, 2010 • Uncategorized • 1 Comment

    On this Sunday of Joy during Advent, our children led us in a Posada, which is a tradition from Mexico and other Latin American countries. We had three “inns” set up around the church and the children traveled, following Mary and Joseph, to each door. They knocked and said, in unison, “We must find...

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    advent journal: examined by love

    by  • December 11, 2010 • Uncategorized • 4 Comments

    This evening we gathered around our dinner table with friends, as is our Friday night custom, and one of them, John, said, “I have a poem to read.” What followed were words full of flavor and sustenance by a poet named Thomas Centolella, who was a new name to me. I would be remiss...

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