• storm story

    by  • April 17, 2007 • 3 Comments

    We wanted to be a partof the grand equation:a nasty nor’easter,an astronomically high tide,a new moon —so we set out in the darkand the cold, blowing raintoward the sea wallto see the storm.The wind drove us home. This morning we could seethe flooded roadfrom our kitchen window.“Why do you thinkthey call it Canal Street?”she...

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    new eyes to see

    by  • April 16, 2007 • 2 Comments

    One of the things about Jesus’ healing miracles is he asked different things of different people. Sometimes he simply said, “You’re healed” and that was that. On other occasions, he asked questions first or told them to do something. Jesus healed one blind man by putting mud on his eyes and then telling him...

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    do it again

    by  • April 13, 2007 • 5 Comments

    From a food standpoint, the wedding this coming Saturday is unusual by Inn standards: it’s all appetizers. Since there is a food minimum the bride and groom must spend to have a Saturday night wedding, there are a lot of appetizers: 330 of each item. And there are ten items. I’ve spent the last...

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    once more, with filling

    by  • April 12, 2007 • 6 Comments

    As I was eating breakfast, the dentist’s office called to tell me I was supposed to get my teeth cleaned in March and missed my appointment. There are probably a couple of therapy sessions full of reasons why I didn’t go in March. Tonight, I’m choosing to deal with them in poetry. Once More,...

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    acquired taste

    by  • April 11, 2007 • 10 Comments

    About a month ago I got an invitation to do a cooking demonstration for a group at the church where Ginger used to serve. They asked me to cook something and talk about how cooking feeds my soul. Today was the day. I chose two recipes. One is an old family favorite, Taco Salad,...

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    national poetry month

    by  • April 10, 2007 • 2 Comments

    Though we are nine days into April, I think there’s still time to notice that it’s National Poetry Month. I offer a selection of links to help you celebrate and explore. Here are some places you can sign up to get a poem everyday by email: The Academy of American Poets Poem a DayThe...

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    lenten journal: life, clearly

    by  • April 9, 2007 • 7 Comments

    I began my evening by checking in on Bloglines to see what various people had to say about their Easters. I found these words from Diana Butler Bass quoted on Scott’s blog, Nachfolge: The resurrection is not an intellectual puzzle. Rather, it is a living theological reality, a distant event with continuing spiritual, human,...

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    lenten journal: dawn on me

    by  • April 8, 2007 • 3 Comments

    I see more sunsets than sunrises at this stage of my life. Tonight, I stepped out of the kitchen to take a short break just as the sun had disappeared below the horizon. Just above the silhouettes of the rooftops, the sky was still bright, but as my eye moved upward the brightness turned...

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    lenten journal: a matter of trust

    by  • April 7, 2007 • 7 Comments

    Ginger and I left for work about the same time this morning. She went to be a part of the town ecumenical Good Friday service and I went to work to get ready for a wedding tomorrow and the Easter Brunch on Sunday. While she read through the last words of Jesus, Alfonso and...

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    lenten journal: sounds and shadows

    by  • April 6, 2007 • 6 Comments

    Of all of our services of worship during the year, the Maundy Thursday service is perhaps the most meaningful to me, and the most disquieting. At our church, we share Communion and also have a Tenebrae service, which is a liturgy that has roots all the way back to the fourth century. The word...

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