• skip the oj for breakfast

    by  • September 19, 2007 • 5 Comments

    Gracie, our youngest Schnauzer, woke me up early this morning and I turned on the television as I was trying to gain consciousness just as all three morning shows were cranking up. The lead story on all of them was about O. J. Simpson. In fact, over half of the first thirty minutes of...

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    by  • September 18, 2007 • 9 Comments

    In our first summerI started feeding birds –you’ll have to feedall year round,our neighbor said,or they’ll die in winter I thoughtI was doing thema favor. Now they congregatein the crisp autumn airand wait like worshippersfor me to fill the feederwhile the wild geesefly overhead I wonderif both instinctsare true. Peace,Milton P. S. — You...

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    god is growing

    by  • September 17, 2007 • 7 Comments

    Growing up Southern Baptist meant growing up with an image of a Very Male God. Whatever images of God were given to me, one thing was always clear: God was He. Of course, Southern Baptists by no means had a monopoly on the pronoun, but the universe of faith I grew up in had...

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    happy new year

    by  • September 14, 2007 • 2 Comments

    One of my favorite images from scripture is that of God coming to walk through the garden each evening with Adam and Eve. There’s something about time being kept only by the rhythm of our steps that makes walking a sacred activity. Ginger and I walked our usual loop around the neighborhood yesterday afternoon,...

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    who benefits?

    by  • September 13, 2007 • 7 Comments

    The food we use at the restaurant comes from several different sources, most of which are local. Our oysters and mussels come right out of Cape Cod Bay. Our pasta provider makes it all just a few miles from us. Our produce company, though local, picks up the fruit and vegetables from the market...

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    imaginary estate

    by  • September 12, 2007 • 12 Comments

    If you want to sell your house, they say,make it look like you don’t live there.People can’t imagine themselves livingin the space if you are still present.I don’t know how to disappear, I say.I can’t erase myself as I leave every day.How can I leave this house to someonewithout imagination enough to see it?Just...

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    what god joins together

    by  • September 11, 2007 • 4 Comments

    Sometimes, our lives are like a joke, or at least the opening of one. Yesterday, Ginger and I performed a wedding together that included a Buddhist, a Catholic, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Jew, and a lapsed Presbyterian. She looked at the gathered crowd of friends and family and said, “It sounds like we...

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    hearts broken into

    by  • September 9, 2007 • 8 Comments

    Yesterday I sang at the funeral of a man I had never met and I cried. He sounded like a great guy – someone I would have liked and would have shared a great deal in common. His family loved him. The line that killed me was his son-in-law saying, “I’m so grateful that...

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    will dream for food

    by  • September 5, 2007 • 14 Comments

    I’m not one of those people who remember dreams, for the most part. Something about the way I wake up in the morning makes my mind work like an Etch-a-Sketch, erasing whatever was created during the night as I shake myself into consciousness. But I think I had a dream last night that refused...

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    fiddlehead faith

    by  • September 3, 2007 • 10 Comments

    Yesterday was Ginger’s last Sunday of vacation, so I spent the morning, once more, reading Sara Miles. The heart of her book is about starting a food pantry at her church in San Francisco. In the process of telling her story, she says some profound and confrontive things about faith and action. As a...

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