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    lenten journal: tension

    by  • March 29, 2015 • hope, incarnation, lenten journal • 3 Comments

    Palm Sunday is always a bit of a struggle for me. I feel conflicted, torn, not really up for the celebration because it doesn’t ring true since I know the rest of the story. I understand how Jesus’ “triumphal” entry into the city fulfilled the prophecies and made for good theological theater, but I...

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    advent journal: mothers of metaphor

    by  • December 1, 2010 • Uncategorized • 4 Comments

    It is difficultto get the news from poemsyet people die miserably every day……for lackof what is found there— William Carlos Williams Today I hit a wall I didn’t see coming. I ran into people who couldn’t see the metaphor sitting right in front of us. They weren’t stupid or belligerent or intractable; they just...

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