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    the week of luxurious leftovers

    by  • October 1, 2012 • Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    In the days when I was actively engaged as a songwriter, my friend Billy and I maintained the practice of sending each other three titles and four lines of verse every night. Each of the titles had to be able to be explained (“This song would be about . . .) and the lines...

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    the greens of yesterday

    by  • November 5, 2010 • Uncategorized • 6 Comments

    This is the week of found poetry for me, or perhaps I should call it delivered poetry: words given to me. Here’s a comment from my friend, Mitch, on one of my recent blog posts. hey milt: up above, you wrote “the chards of the past” . . . just wanted to point out...

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    by  • May 17, 2010 • Uncategorized • 3 Comments

    Language was opening me up in ways I couldn’t explain and I assumed it was part of the apprenticeship of a poet. (Jimmy Santiago Baca, A Place to Stand) apprenticec.1300, from O.Fr. aprentiz “someone learning” (13c.), from aprendre (Mod.Fr. apprendre ) “to learn, teach,” contracted from L. apprehendere (see apprehend). Aphetic form prentice was...

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    out from under the pollen

    by  • April 10, 2010 • Uncategorized • 0 Comments

    Through all of our years in Massachusetts, we had more than one Easter that left the children hunting for eggs in the snow. North Carolina offers warmer climes, but snow of a different sort: we’ve been knee deep in pollen. And I’ve sneezed and sorted and snuffled all week long. In my mind’s yellow...

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    lenten journal: the next chapter

    by  • March 16, 2010 • Uncategorized • 8 Comments

    I gave my notice to my chef who hired me for both the Duke and Durham restaurants. Though my exit will be somewhat gradual over the next five or six weeks, I am leaving my job as a professional chef to return to teaching, and specifically teaching English in a small private school made...

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    making pies

    by  • November 26, 2009 • Uncategorized • 2 Comments

    For the first time in a couple of years, I didn’t have to work the day before Thanksgiving, which meant I got to return to one of my favorite personal traditions: Pie-a-palooza. For reasons I cannot completely explain, this particular holiday compels me to bake pies. Some are for our own enjoyment, and we...

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    cleaning off my desk

    by  • August 10, 2009 • Uncategorized • 10 Comments

    I guess tonight might be the blogging equivalent of clearing off my desk. I have not written as regularly as I would like over the last couple of months for a variety of reasons, this week however, it was not for lack of ideas. Before the time gets away, I want to comment on...

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    mixing metaphors

    by  • May 26, 2009 • Uncategorized • 5 Comments

    Walk into any professional kitchen and you will most likely find two things at a premium: knives and cutting boards. In fact, in many restaurants, it is customary for the chefs to provide their own knives. Practically, it means when you get a hold of a cutting board, you make the most of it...

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    lenten journal: recipe for living

    by  • April 4, 2009 • Uncategorized • 5 Comments

    Ginger and I have spent the day around the house getting it ready for our new housemate and dear friend, Cherry, who has packed up the plans in her car and is leaving Boston to come and live with us here in the Bull City. In the process of our cleaning, I came across...

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    lenten journal: for a dancer

    by  • March 22, 2009 • Uncategorized • 1 Comment

    First, I have a favor to ask. Our church is participating in the Durham CROP Walk tomorrow, which raises money for Church World Services hunger relief both locally and around the world. If you are able, I invite you to support us in our walk. You can donate here. ___________________________ I getting close to...

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