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    lenten journal: photographer’s light

    by  • March 16, 2011 • Uncategorized • 2 Comments

    One of the photographs of Jesus I keep in the wallet of my mind is of him looking out over Jerusalem. The sun is burning the last bits of blueout of the Palestinian sky as it sets, making room for the night. There is enough light to see the tearsrunning down his cheeks as...

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    lenten journal: don’t faith alone

    by  • March 7, 2010 • Uncategorized • 3 Comments

    We’ve been spending Saturday mornings during Lent with Job at our church: coffee, fruit, pastries, and suffering – what a way to spend a weekend. I’m the discussion leader and the guy who starts the coffee pot, so I get there early to get both the pot and my mind percolating. This morning we...

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    advent journal: proximity matters

    by  • December 16, 2009 • Uncategorized • 3 Comments

    After a week with my in-laws, a week where I didn’t have to work and had time to cook dinner in the evenings, I’ve had two days of double shifts split between lunch at the Duke restaurants (making soups, mostly) and evening catering jobs, one on a grand scale (520 people) and the other,...

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    advent journal: the specificity of sacredness

    by  • December 7, 2009 • Uncategorized • 3 Comments

    I’m not sure the first time that it happened; over twenty years, I’ve lost count of how many times we have repeated the scene. Ginger always begins the conversation, and the statement generally comes out of nowhere: “OK,” she’ll say, “name three reasons you love me.” And I name three specific things – three...

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    the fellowship of the broken

    by  • November 13, 2009 • Uncategorized • 1 Comment

    I have several friends who are authors. Not that I’ve ever met them, you understand. They don’t even know who I am. Yet I count them as friends because their words have helped me to learn and grow. And so I carry deep gratitude and affection toward Madeleine L’Engle, Frederick Buechner, Naomi Shihab Nye,...

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    life is a restaurant

    by  • September 17, 2009 • Uncategorized • 5 Comments

    Part of what makes working in a restaurant kitchen interesting is you never really know who is coming for dinner and when they are planning to come. At the Durham restaurant we take reservations, so we do know the answer a good bit of the time, yet last Sunday night we had reservations for...

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    waking up

    by  • May 30, 2009 • Uncategorized • 5 Comments

    I’m about a week and a half into the resurrection of the ritual of writing my Morning Pages and I’m already feeling a shift. I’m getting used to getting up and, other than making the coffee, letting those three handwritten pages be the first thing I do. Those scribbles are starting to shake up...

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