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    thanking an old friend

    by  • July 2, 2007 • Uncategorized • 8 Comments

    “It was a dark and stormy night.” So goes the opening sentence to Snoopy’s always-in-process novel back in the Peanuts days. He sat at his typewriter, ready to be the next great American novelist and that was the best he could do. “It was a dark and stormy night.” George Bulwer-Lytton used the sentence...

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    cry wolf

    by  • July 1, 2007 • Uncategorized • 6 Comments

    “Forget about fairy tales,” she saidas we entered Wolf Hollow.“They will make you frightenedof the wolves,” she said, as thoughwe were looking at docile dogsthrough two layers of tall fence. Gracie our youngest, descendantof the wolves I’m told, is frightenedby the early freedom thunderof fireworks a couple of blocks away.She shakes as though she...

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    living in time

    by  • June 30, 2007 • Uncategorized • 8 Comments

    I am more and more convinced that time doesn’t move in a line. Even as I make that statement, I can recall one of my seminary professors waxing eloquent about the linear view of time being something that made the Judeo-Christian worldview stand apart from the others: history was going somewhere rather than going...

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    artful analogies

    by  • June 29, 2007 • Uncategorized • 2 Comments

    One of the things I have been turning over in my mind for the last couple of days is this post from Back Road Journey: This past Sunday in worship we were asked the question, “What is the opposite of war?” and before I could even think of the standard response of “peace,” we...

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    asylum hill

    by  • June 26, 2007 • Uncategorized • 7 Comments

    once upon a timeor even below onethere was an asylumsomewhere hereon asylum hillthere had to beeverything is namedafter it: asylum thisasylum that all the doorsand windows upand down the streethave bars to keeppeople out, not inlike the old dayswhen you knew whowas crazy up hereon asylum hill our high schoolinmates are runningevery chance they...

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    on a mission from god

    by  • June 24, 2007 • Uncategorized • 1 Comment

    I’m off to Hartford on our church’s youth mission trip and will be back on Thursday. I don’t know how often I will get to post in the days ahead, but I’ll do my best. Peace,Milton

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    yard sailing

    by  • June 24, 2007 • Uncategorized • 7 Comments

    Since I grew up in Africa, one of the American phenomena I have struggled to understand is the Yard Sale. In Nairobi or Lusaka, the thought of selling stuff we were no longer using made no sense; we gave it away to any number of folks around us who needed it and more. We...

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    by  • June 23, 2007 • Uncategorized • 4 Comments

    when darkness falls outsideand inside at the endof a pretty good dayI have turned on the musicI know – songs that havelighted many nightswith the slide of fingersalong steel stringsfingers picking a patternof sorrow and sadnessas comforting as the wind and as old as my childhoodafternoons spent sittingin the grass trying to makemy fingers...

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    by  • June 21, 2007 • Uncategorized • 14 Comments

    Summer arrives in a few minutesannounced only by the estival breezesand the clacking of the woodenblinds in our room. The sun filledthe room with light just after fivethis morning and won’t retreatuntil nearly ten. This is the longest day. Somewhere around ten I watchedthe taillights of the Wrangerdisappear around the corneras you left for...

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    cheers for church

    by  • June 20, 2007 • Uncategorized • 7 Comments

    This has been one of those weeks where Ginger’s schedule and mine leave us feeling as though we live in different time zones, so I rode with her to her meeting on the other side of Boston just so we could have time in the car together both going and coming back. While she...

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