tonight would be a good night

for fireflies, while we sit in the dark
after another evening of almosts has
fallen all around us, all around us

for a walk, since the storm that was almost
a hurricane has done little more than
threaten to bring rain, to bring rain

to write a poem, you said as we walked
knowing it would do me good to search
for words in the dark, in the dark


P. S. — There’s a new recipe.



  1. I just happened onto your blog; don’t ask me how I got here. I scrolled down and read the excerpt from the poem by Kunitz. Of course, I had to read the entire poem, which really spoke to me. I continued reading, then, your post and saw a reference to the Waco Mammoth Site. I live within a few miles of that site! How strange life is. I will likely visit your blog more often. Thanks for sharing that wonderful poem.


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