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    I want to listen more than talk tonight. These are songs that continue to speak to me.

    “Old Friends” by Guy Clark.

    old friends shine like diamonds

    old friends you can always call

    old friends lord you can’t buy ‘em

    you know it’s old friends after all

    Don Henley wrote:

    I’ve been tryin’ to get down to the Heart of the Matter

    because the flesh will get weak and the ashes will scatter

    so I’m thinkin’ about forgiveness forgiveness

    even if, even if you don’t love me anymore


    In “Don’t Carry It All” the Decembrists sing

    and nobody, nobody knows

    let the yoke fall from our shoulders

    don’t carry it all don’t carry it all

    we are all our hands in holders

    beneath this bold and brilliant sun

    this I swear to all

    Kris Kristofferson closes the show with “Feeling Mortal.”

    God Almighty here I am

    am I where I ought to be

    I’ve begun to soon descend

    like the sun into the sea

    and I thank my lucky stars

    from here to eternity

    for the artist that you are

    and the man you made of me




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