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    It’s late. Today was a long and good day at the restaurant. The weekend was busy, which meant Joe (the other cook on Monday) and I had lots of prep work to do. Since it was Columbus Day, it was also quite busy tonight, so I stayed busy all of my twelve hour shift. And I had a blast.

    Some church friends came in for dinner tonight. They called earlier in the day to ask if I was cooking, which made the receptionist think I was building a following. One of the nice things about friends is they can make you appear more important than you are. When they got to the restaurant, they told the server they were friends of mine and had a Guinness sent to the kitchen, (Yet another good thing about friends.) At this point, I still didn’t know who was out there. When I finished cooking their dinners, I helped the server take the plates out so I could see who was there. The Flemings were my mystery guests, along with some of their friends and relatives. I loved that they took the time to drive up from Marshfield for dinner when they knew I was cooking.

    They made my day. Now I’m going to go sleep through what’s left of the night.



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    1. Anonymous
      October 10, 2006 at 8:03 pm

      Rest up, Milton. We have told many people about what a great dinner we had!!!

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