• extravagant belonging

    by  • August 28, 2007 • 7 Comments

    Friday night was busy at the restaurant. I was at the fish station and Chef was on the grill, which are the two main sauté stations. We share eighteen burners, three ovens, and more sauté pans than I can count and, once dinner service gets into full swing, we keep the burners blazing and...

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    not just passing through

    by  • August 27, 2007 • 12 Comments

    Lat night at the restaurant, I was the utility infielder, if you will, doing whatever prep projects I could find and then jumping in to help whoever was getting “in the weeds” as we say. A good deal of my time was spent shucking oysters since Gianni has a hard time doing it. It’s...

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    by  • August 23, 2007 • 15 Comments

    The prompt from Poetry Thursday this week is to write a poem using the last line of a previous one. The line comes from this poem. Here is my offering: Today Marking time until daybreakin Frasier reruns and infomercials,I doze in-and-out of late night TV:this is the day you come home. I don’t sleep...

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    running the numbers

    by  • August 19, 2007 • 5 Comments

    “To sense that behind anything that can be experienced there is a something that our mind cannot grasp and whose beauty and sublimity reaches us only indirectly and as a feeble reflection, this is religiousness.” (Albert Einstein) ______________________________________ When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which...

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    living by principles

    by  • August 17, 2007 • 12 Comments

    In the early eighties I was a hospital chaplain in Dallas, Texas. One of the patients I saw was a man from Odessa, Texas who had AIDS. He was the first person with AIDS I ever knew. His mother was the only person who came to visit him, though he had a very full...

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    time is love

    by  • August 16, 2007 • 9 Comments

    Many years ago when I was a youth minister, I began our regular Wednesday night gathering by asking the kids to write down the names of the ten people most important to them. Then I said, “’I don’t have time’ is just a euphemism for ‘I don’t care.’ Then I said, “Your sports team...

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    passing inspection

    by  • August 14, 2007 • 4 Comments

    About an hour before dinner service last night, one of the servers walked through the kitchen and whispered, “The health inspector’s here.” We had no cause to panic because we keep a clean kitchen, things were where they were supposed to be and at the appropriate temperatures. We knew we had nothing to worry...

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    prep work

    by  • August 13, 2007 • 11 Comments

    Half of my day is spentgetting ready for dinner.The prep list hangsfrom the ticket holderand I pull my Sharpiefrom my sleeve pocketto mark my progress:green beans, succotash,gnocchi, Swiss chard,cod, swordfish, halibut,butter sauces. There is a certain wayto do things.The aim is consistencyrather than conformity.Each portion of salmonshould weigh eight ounces.The chives should be dicedto...

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    dress to disappear

    by  • August 10, 2007 • 3 Comments

    When I get to work, one of the first things I do is change into my white double-breasted chef’s jacket and don an apron to begin my prep work for the day. (I provide my own chef’s pants and shoes – and there are both made specifically for the professional kitchen.) Chef does not...

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    by  • August 9, 2007 • 9 Comments

    the lie that isthe conformityof the supermarketis unearthedin my garden;the tomatoes herehave names:lemon boy,early girl,cherokee purple,green zebra,roma, sun sweet – and shapes,and colors,and tastes –oh, the deliciousnessthat burstswith my biteas I standin the dirtby the vines;I can’t even waituntil I’m backin the kitchen. their talentsand usesare as variedas their tastes:sauced, sliced,sandwiched,saladed;summer’s giftfrom spring’splanting –and...

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