• advent journal: waltz

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    when we lived by the ocean

    I learned to tell time by the tides

    (I guess I should say I couldn’t

    tell time a thing — or keep it)

    there was no second hand . . .

    no sense of calendar —

    just the giving and taking

    away of the beach twice a day:

    a waltz to the rhythm of the moon


    on this spring tide of sunshine

    and darkness, this longest night

    I am mindful of what has washed

    up and washed away on the beaches

    of my heart, a waltz of my own

    to the metronome of missing:

    the giving and taking away —

    the giving and taking away . . .

    the giving and taking away.





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    1. December 21, 2013 at 4:04 pm

      I can offer encouragement because you are moving my soul to weep and rejoice. Life is such a paradox.

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